Countrymen visit a very special place

Aug 1, 2019 | The Club

The men had a fantastic afternoon at Ryewater Nursery, which is a hundred acres of creative design and natural diversity. One of the key aspects of Ryewater is its Tropical Butterfly House and how it manages to attract butterflies to its site.

Ryewater has been designed around great landscaping, folklore and the site’s natural resources. So, we managed to stumble across areas such as the Bramblearium, the world’s longest Buddleia hedge, the Dragon’s Head and spiral, Mendel’s Lawns, the Prison Garden, the Standing Stone and so many other creative displays that it’s almost impossible to mention them all here

The great thing about Ryewater Nursery is that it is only a couple of miles away from where our Countrymen Club meets, so the drive was only a few minutes. When we arrived, a snack lunch was served to the men before they started their guided tour.

Did they enjoy it? Of course they did. They were able to wander along the many paths, rest whenever they wanted, or just participate in the stories and displays that are round every turn.

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