Finalist in the Sustainable Health & Care Awards

Sep 21, 2018 | News

We’re thrilled to announce that Countrymen UK and Future Roots have been chosen as a finalist in the Sustainable Health and Care Awards 2018.

The awards highlight the fantastic sustainable development work across the NHS, social care and public sector, providing organisations, teams and individuals with the opportunity to showcase and celebrate their projects.

We’re finalists in the Care and Clinical Practice category, where we had to demonstrate our knowledge of clinical care models and how they are developed and deployed. We also had to show our understanding of prevention and early intervention as core considerations in the design of any care service.

Being recognised

It’s an accomplishment we’re really proud of, especially since we’re the only finalist in this category that isn’t a CCG or NHS programme.

Becky Elford of Countrymen UK said, “Having our work recognised is fantastic. It shows that third sector organisations can make a real impact and contribute to the lives of people in our communities.”

Sharing the model

Countrymen UK is now sharing its model with other care farms throughout the UK by building a network of Social Franchisees that can work together to provide specialist ‘green care’ services, support men in our communities, and collaborate on influencing change and development.

Becky said, “Third sector organisations have an important role to play in health and wellbeing initiatives in their communities and our work is showing that commissioners need to look to us when commissioning services.”

Becky added, “We look forward to attending the Awards Ceremony and we’ll keep everyone updated on the results. But even if we’re not outright winners, we’ve achieved a lot and everyone at Countrymen UK and Future Roots feel like winners anyway.”

The awards ceremony will take place on the 21 November 2018 in Birmingham.

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