First four weeks of Lockdown

Apr 21, 2020 | News, The Club

by a Countryman

Four weeks I’ve been in Lockdown

No one knows for certain, how long it’s going to last

The only thing we know for sure, is everyone’s aghast.

I’ve kept my social distance, so it hasn’t got me yet

It might completely miss me, I’ll just slip through the net

Four weeks I’ve been in Lockdown

I’ve shouted for the NHS, and clapped each Thursday night

But no one’s got a vaccine yet, so still no end in sight

Now I’m going round the bend, and climbing up the walls

I can’t meet any of my pals, but I do get lots of calls

Four weeks I’ve been in Lockdown

The regulations tell me, I can’t get on the farm

They say I have to stay at home, not come to any harm

Just sit there in my little room, looking out at rain

I may be safe from Covid, but it’s driving me insane

Four weeks I’ve been in Lockdown

Every day I’m missing out, on cattle, pigs and sheep,

Another month or two of this, and then I’ll start to weep

I’m back to where I was before, without my farming mates

But CUK is there for us, we’ll all just have to wait.


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