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Shopping List for our Club. Can you help!

Feb 4, 2020 | News

Donating to a charity isn’t always about money. Like most other charities, we’re always grateful for the donation of items that we can use during our Countrymen Club sessions. Here’s a list of what we’d be very, very grateful to receive at the moment. New would be great but used would also be good.
Chairs. Comfy, high-backed, with arm rests – just like they use in care homes

Bar stools. Padded seats and back rests to help our Countrymen to work at some of our higher work benches

Floor Covering. Rubber if possible as it’s as much for insulation as it is for comfort

Safety Wellies. Sizes 9+

Woodwork Tools. Anything you can help with

Pyrography kits. Keep it simple

Warm Outdoor Clothing. Hats, gloves, jackets, trousers

Jogging Bottoms (4 pairs. Large size)

Storage units. Anything you think might be useful

Trampers and Mobility Scooters. Preferably if controls can be switched from side to side

Kitchen items. Especially stick blenders of a catering grade

Tickets. For our Countrymen and Carers to attend County Shows

Outdoor games equipment. Things like croquet sets, etc.

Gardening. Grass rakes, seeds, bulbs, peat, etc.

Please check your garages, lofts, offices, store-rooms, etc. And don’t be shy about passing our shopping list on to friends, family and colleagues.



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