The Club

The Countrymen’s Club is based at Rylands Farm in Dorset

It is the model for the Countrymen UK Project

The Countrymen’s Club

The Countrymen’s Club is based at Rylands Farm in Dorset and is the model for the Countrymen UK Project, which is now being shared with other organisations throughout the UK thanks to Big Lottery funding.

The Club began in 2011 and currently has over thirty members with varying health conditions.

The Sessions

We run four sessions every week throughout the year. Some members attend only one session, while others attend multiple sessions – it’s entirely up to them.

The sessions run from 1pm to 4pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year.

Every three months we organise a meeting of the Countrymen’s Wives and Carers.

Our farm and countryside environments help to meet the challenges being faced by men who find themselves isolated because of deteriorating physical or mental health or changing social conditions, which may include:

Dementia : Parkinson’s : Stroke : Isolation : Injuries : Anxiety

Depression : Bipolar : Post Traumatic Stress : Alzheimer’s

Chronic Pain : Cancer : Heart & Lung Conditions : and others

The Club’s Brochure

Do you want to know more about our Countrymans club.

Then take a look at our brochure.

Join us

To join the Countrymen’s Club, or to arrange a Taster Session, contact us:

By email at

By telephone on 01963 210703

By post at: Countrymen UK, c/o Rylands Farm, Holnest, Sherbourne, Dorset DT9 5PS

Countrymen Club members come from many different backgrounds, including:

Farming : Horticulture : Forestry : Public Services : Military

Trades : Industry and Commerce

More information

The Countrymen Team

We have a great team of staff and volunteers who organise and manage our full range of activities for the Countrymen’s Club. Just like the Countrymen themselves, the team come from various backgrounds and bring a range of skills and experience to everything we do.

Choice of Activities

We run a diverse programme of activities and we ensure that our Countrymen members are given a choice about what’s available and what they want to do at each of our sessions.

Special Days and Events

In addition to our regular activities, we also organise special days and events. These could range from celebration days (Christmas, Birthdays, Burns Day, etc) to gaining insights from invited guests (Bee keepers, Blacksmiths, etc.)

We’re always pleased to hear from people from our local communities who would like to get involved with the Countrymen’s Club on a volunteer basis.

We’ll give you the training you need and encourage you to bring your own skills and experiences to everything the Countrymen Club does.

The Club Blog




Stephenson's Rocket, AKA the Bar-B-Q, had its rust and muck cleaned off prior to being painted and well stoked by the Countrymen. Now, in its new black and glossy coat, it’s ready for some Rylands Farm sausages. Yum, yum!

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Enjoying the spring sunshine

Enjoying the spring sunshine

The weather was great today and some of the Countrymen played their first game of “Horseshoes” in the spring sunshine, while others spent time with the new-born lambs. Very relaxing. One Countryman, in the early stages of dementia, said, “Coming here makes my life worth living.” Later, he said, “Getting up in the morning is different, better, now that I know I’m coming along to the Club.”

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Countrymen visit a very special place

Countrymen visit a very special place

The men had a fantastic afternoon at Ryewater Nursery, which is a hundred acres of creative design and natural diversity. One of the key aspects of Ryewater is its Tropical Butterfly House and how it manages to attract butterflies to its site. Ryewater has been designed around great landscaping, folklore and the site’s natural resources. So, we managed to stumble across areas such as the Bramblearium, the world’s longest Buddleia...

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