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The Countrymen and the Poet

Feb 19, 2020 | News, The Club

We had a visit from John Bowls last week. He’s a local poet and a friend of one of our volunteers. And he agreed to come in and lead a poetry session on a particularly stormy day.

Tough old Countrymen and poetry? Not two things you would expect to gel, but the session was amazing. Th poetry turned into a tea, cake and singalong session and our invited poet stayed until the end.

After his visit he wrote a little piece about his experience with our Countrymen Club. You read it here first

“Today has been a lucky day for me.

Invited to read some poems and share a cup of tea.

It was my first time to this place, invited by Joss.

A tour let me see cows, pigs, chickens and donkey’s, these all obviously happy in their lot.

Time then to meet the people ensuring health and happiness of them all.

Names exchanged and hands shaken. Now let me try a quick recall

Nigeria, Martin, Dave, Sarge, Kenny, Mike, Keith, Steve …

No airs or graces but many a weathered face showing landmarks of their past.

End of a hard day a congregation in a workshop.

Tea, coffee, piece of cake and time to chat.

Laughter lines on faces, fun in the room. A group tired, happy and ready for home.

Goodbyes voiced; arrangements made to meet here again.

Again, when friendships and meanings in life would continue.

Now see how lucky I am to be included by them as a friend.”



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