This week sees the first three of a series of webinars. The initial three will involve people from the Countrymen UK Network on a group basis. These will then be followed up with one-to-one webinars between CUK and the individual farms and gardens.

Webinar dates and times are:

Monday, 4 November at 10am

Wednesday, 6 November at 12 noon

Thursday, 7 November at 2pm

We’ll be following the same agenda for each of these and we’ve drafted an Agenda for your information, which is:

  1. Welcome Introductions
  2. The Webinar Approach (how to make it work to your best advantage)
  3. Webinar Preparation (did you complete the list of contacts we asked for?)
  4. Recruiting Members to your group
  5. Recruiting Volunteers to your team
  6. New Resources and Support (what do you need?)
  7. Your 1-to-1 Webinar with CUK (agree dates/times – have your diary handy)
  8. Anything else you want to discuss.

We’ll keep everyone posted on the outcomes.


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