Win £10 from a Scotsman

Apr 21, 2020 | News

Send your answers to First fully correct email to arrive wins the tenner.

CLUE: All questions refer to the year 2016.

    1. How much is the UK food and farming sector worth to the economy? To the nearest billion pounds.
    2. How many people work in the Agri-food industry?
    3. How much food and drink (in £) do we export?
    4. What does the UK spend on Agri-food imports?
    5. What percentage of the food eaten in UK comes from British farmers and growers?
    6. What are we most self-sufficient in?
    7. What are we least self-sufficient in?
    8. What proportion of England and Wales land area is managed by farmers and growers?
    9. How many kilometres of footpaths are there in England?
    10. What percentage of farmers were affected by severe weather over the last decade?

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