You’ve been framed

Aug 19, 2019 | The Club

Some of the men at our Countrymen Club have made us some “Photo Frames” which they tested out before finishing them off.
Once finished, the frames will be used at events such as the Ideal Health Exhibition (7 September) and at the Solutions to Isolation Conference (4 October) as well as at any other get-togethers we find ourselves attending.
Simple frames like these tend to encourage people to have their photos taken and to pose in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. It’s a fun way to get the photos you need and to create some interest in what you’re up to. And they’re just the right size for a single shot or for 2-3 people to get into the picture.
If you use them yourself, or if you have other ways to get fun photos, let us know and share your photos with us.



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