Countrymen UK – A Short History

A short history of Countrymen UK


The model for Countrymen UK was inspired by the success of the Countrymen’s Club at the Future Roots Care Farm in Dorset, which began in 2011, with funding from the BIG Lottery Silver Dreams Programme.

The Club was established after identifying a need for a service aimed men who faced life changes as a result of rural isolation, health conditions and ageing. The initial project identified individuals from rural communities who had perhaps worked in the farming environment or worked in the outdoor environment. However as the project developed, the Club evolved to include any man who has an interest in the countryside. It is designed to meet the needs of those with lifelong conditions who find it difficult to socialise and access the countryside or work activity.

A model for sharing

Through further funding, the BIG Lottery Accelerating Ideas Programme identified the Countrymen’s Club as a successful model to be shared with other care farms around the country, giving them the tools, training and support to get their Countrymen UK Group up and running

This led to the launch of Countrymen UK in the Autumn of 2018.

The immediate future

Countrymen UK is a Future Roots initiative and is currently part of the Future Roots Social Enterprise Company and is governed by its Board of Directors. We have applied to become a Registered Charity and, when the registration process has been completed, Countrymen UK will operate under its own Board of Trustees.

Countrymen UK has applied to register its name as a Registered Trade Mark.


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