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We are based on Ryland’s farm, Boyshill, near Sherborne. DT9 5PS.

The farm is approximately 40 acres and we have a wide range of animals including cattle, pigs, donkeys, sheep, ponies and pigs.

We also have a large barn which is our meeting place, workshop and tea room!
We always welcome new enquiries. Either ring the office or drop us an email and we will be happy to arrange a visit.

We meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We look forward to hearing from you!

01963 210789
[email protected]

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And, did you know?

Before being hit by Covid and Lockdowns, we normally opened 2-3 days every week, with up to 10 men attending at least one of the 4-hour sessions.

In addition to light lunches and tea/biscuit breaks, everyone had a choice of activities from a fairly lengthy list of options, which could have included many of the following activities:

Small building projects such as mending fences or animal enclosures and shelters.
Celebrations – from Burns Lunches to Birthdays and Christmas lunches
Planting flowers and shrubs
Preparing food for animals
Feeding the animals
Helping with chores around the farm
Treasure hunts 
A garden party, bar-b-q or picnic 
Creating seating areas 
Creating gardens 
Making walking sticks
Making scarecrows
Painting and renovating trailers, fences, sheds etc
Planning, planting and picking vegetables
Using an apple press to make juice
Prep food for bird feeders
Making firelighters out of old newspapers
Chopping kindling
Making halters out of baler twine
Football/cricket/ badminton etc
Stock judging

Or, for something more restful, we had:

Reminiscing about the past; Travel; previous jobs, etc.
Talking about their skills, aspirations, family, etc.
Quizzes, Games, Puzzles, Jigsaws
Conversations about what’s in the news or what the issues of the day might be
Reading aloud
Creating a personal diary and photo book
Bird watching

And we also had demonstrations from visiting experts:

A blacksmith – to demonstrate what they do and to involve the Countrymen in making a small item

A beekeeper – to speak about their work and to give out samples of honey that have been recently harvested

A cartoonist – to involve the men in creating some simple cartoon characters and possibly creating a caricature of the Countrymen themselves

A signer – to demonstrate and teach a few simple sign language words

Pyrography – see how to burn words and images into wood then Countrymen have a go at creating something

Links to local support and information

Here are some useful  links to some of the help and support that is available in the Dorset area.

This is a directory of services and support for those living with memory loss and dementia in Dorset. It is published by the NHS and it has lots of local links

If only I’d Known That! 17.08.2020[3456].pdf

This booklet is written by Susan Hartnell-Beavis and it is written from her own personal experience as a carer in Dorset. It provides great insight into the role as well as lots of useful contact details.

helps unpaid carers access support

This is a public health service funded by the council to support the health and well being of residents in Dorset.

Lots of links on here from the council to support and provide for adults in Dorset

A local charity that supports individuals and groups to improve mental well being.

This organisation provides a free talking newspaper for anyone who is blind or partially sighted in the Dorset area. Talking books can also be found on the RNIB site and Calibre talking books. Your local library can also help you source books.

Lots of local information, plus a link to a great film called this good earth.

West Dorset vintage tracor and stationary engine club

Connections a 24 hour service for anyone experiencing mental health difficulties

0800 652 0190

You do not need to be known by our services, and can also phone for support and advice about a friend or family member experiencing poor mental health. Connection can also be accessed via NHS 111.Staff are trained to support anyone who calls, regardless of the level of mental health crisis, and can signpost you to the most appropriate service which meets your needs

Steps to wellbeing

We are a self-referral service, which means you can contact us directly to access support. We also accept referrals from GPs and other healthcare professionals. 

0300 790 6828

[email protected]

Mental Health North Dorset

Offers peer support. Good website for local and national support.

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