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Countrymen UK

What we do

Our farm and countryside environments help to meet the challenges being faced by men who find themselves isolated because of deteriorating physical or mental health or changing social circumstances. Conditions may include:

Dementia, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Isolation, Injuries, Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Chronic Pain, Cancer, Heart & Lung Conditions and others.


What is happening right now?

Our Covid 19 Outreach Initiative

Covid 19 has affected everyone, especially those who are already vulnerable, and especially older people with underlying health conditions.

Throughout this difficult time we recognise that it is essential to maintain positive emotional health and wellbeing support and, in some areas of the country, we know that our service may be the only one available or relevant to many people.

Countrymen UK’s Outreach Initiative (CUK Outreach) has now been adopted by twelve members of the Countrymen UK Network of care farms. This means that support is now available from twelve sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

15 dedicated staff

The initiative is being supported by fifteen dedicated Outreach Specialists who will be making contact with organisations and individuals in their areas with the aim of providing support services and activity-based stimulation to men with long-term health conditions and their family carers.

This includes keeping in touch with phone calls, setting up web pages, distributing newsletters and video material and donating food and other essentials to men and their family carers.


David Drysdale, Project Manager at Countrymen UK said, “Everyone is aware that older people can be the hardest hit by situations like this. But we’re determined to do what we can for everyone affected by Covid 19 in the communities we serve.”

Take care and stay well.

The Countrymen UK Team

Our Vision

That every man has the opportunity to access outdoor spaces daily… to be able to use their skills despite health conditions… to beat isolation by making new friends and by working and socialising positively with their peers.

The Countrymen UK Network

Countrymen UK (CUK) now has a growing network of care farms and gardens, stretching from the south of England to the north of Scotland. If you’d like to be put in touch, or if you’d like to be part of the CUK Network, please get in touch.


The CUK Network is meeting the challenges being faced by men who find themselves isolated because of deteriorating physical or mental health, or changing social conditions, whether they are from rural or urban areas.


The men we support normally have an affinity with farms, gardens or other outdoor environments through their previous work, leisure activities or just a love of the countryside.

Positive impact

Our slogan, “Getting back to being you” reflects our belief that getting back to farm, garden, countryside environments and green spaces, overcomes isolation and has a positive impact on physical health and mental wellbeing.

“It’s great for Countrymen and it’s great for their Family Carers.”

How we can help you

If you would like to Join a Countrymen UK Group

  • We can help you find a local Countrymen UK Group close to home
  • We can also help you to get the quality of service you would expect.

If you would like to start a Countrymen UK Group

  • We can help you establish and develop your group
  • We’ll provide the necessary support and training
  • We can help you to provide the range of quality services and activities that make a Countrymen UK Group the success it deserves to be.

A Countryman and Carer speak out

Tom R., a Countrymen Group member, says;

“Being back on a farm with the animals, the smells and the feel of familiar things is all I ever wanted… and meeting up with new friends from similar backgrounds is a massive bonus.

If there wasn’t a Countrymen Group, I’d hate to think what I’d be doing today or what my life would be like without this.”

Jenny P., a Family Carer, says;

“The Countrymen Group provides me with respite but it has also changed my relationship with Robert. He is outdoors and getting involved in what was once his daily life, as well as some new interests.

We now have new things to talk about and I know that he’s being given the chance to do things he thought were only in his past. I also get to rest and relax, knowing he’s in a safe and stimulating place.”

Take a look at our leaflet

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