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Here are some useful links to national companies and charities. Many of them will also have local branches. This list is just to give you an insight into some of the support that is available. Remember many will have their own Facebook pages as well. If you know of other pages that you have found useful, please let us know and we will add them in.


The national page for the Parkinson’s society. It offers help and support.

There are many links to dementia sites online. The Alzheimer’s society is where you can register to become a dementia friend.

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution. A charitable institution that provides financial help and support to farmers

The Farming Community Network supports farmers and farming families through difficult times.

Safe and Found Online incorporates The Herbert Protocol, a nationwide Police safeguarding initiative for people living with dementia.

If you or someone you know needs help with day-to-day living because of illness or disability, this website explains your options and where you can get support.

Help and support including a helpline.

A mental health charity offering help and support.

The Royal National Institute for the blind.

Has a good shop with useful items including talking books?

Royal National Institute for the deaf

Help and support for those with hearing loss.

The Cinnamon Trust offers long term support for those no longer able to care for their pets.

National groups, companies, and clubs.

These links are examples of some of the groups and clubs that operate within the UK. There are many similar links, but these should give you some examples of just what is available to support both the care giver and the individual.

A monthly large print reminiscing newspaper available on subscription

Talking books available by post for a one-off fee.

A place to buy aids, games, and relevant materials.

Products available for purchase

This is the Farmer’s weekly webpage, and it features a gallery of farming pictures throughout the year.

This web page is sponsored by Kew gardens and has interesting articles and wildflowers.

The National Vintage Tractor and Engine Club (provides links to local clubs)

There are many links to vintage tractor clubs. This is the Ford and Fordson link

Vintage Horticultural and Garden Machinery club

A free to join gardening club with lots of seasonal hints and tips.

The Farmers Guardian

Areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK

lots of bird and wildlife identification tips

Lots of interesting wildlife information. Find your nearest wildlife trust on this link.

lots of information, films, and pictures of what’s on.

yesterdays farming is a large show in South Somerset. There are lots of DVD’s available on the web page of yesterday’s farming techniques.

University of the third age. Check out what is local to you.

Don’t want to walk by yourself? Join a group.

Enjoy singing? Find out if there is a group local to you here.

Got a quiet half an hour? Use google maps to find places that you used to live. Check out Google earth as well if you want to revisit holiday destinations.

Information, support, and advice. Free helpline

Offers news and social forums for the over 50’s.


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