Getting back to being you?

getting back to being you

We’ve been asked why we chose “Getting back to being you” as the strapline for our logo, so here’s the inside story. It’s a simple one.

The men who become members of a Countrymen UK Group may be facing the challenges of isolation and deteriorating health or social conditions, but we don’t believe that these conditions are what define them.

A common interest

In the past, the members will have been engaged in many different occupations and leisure activities but the one thing they will have in common is their love of the countryside and the opportunities it has to offer.

For varying reasons they will probably have lost that connection with the outdoors and they may be finding it difficult to access the places they once accepted as integral parts of their lives. They want to regain that access and they want to reconnect with what they love and what they are familiar and comfortable with; a shared affinity with the countryside, with farms, with horticulture, with open spaces.

What really defines you?

“Getting back to being you” is about getting back to those open spaces, being involved and sharing experiences with other like-minded men. It’s about being you again, about being what really defines you.

We hope this answers your question.

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