Should Countrymen be physically active?

hay barrow

It’s not a difficult question. The benefits of being more active should be easily recognised, especially in older people and more especially in men who have probably spent the best part of their lives in physical occupations such as farming, horticulture, construction work or the military… and who enjoyed outdoor physical exercise and practical activities.

Being more active in later life improves physical and mental health and encourages people to socialise more with family, friends and communities. There are also the added benefits of meeting new people, getting involved in familiar activities, and taking up new interests while maintaining and improving body balance and muscle strength. And these activities, for countrymen at least, will be happening in farm and countryside environments. It’s about having fun and it’s all part of ‘Green Care’ at its best.


Age UK’s Health Ageing Evidence Review showed that fitter, older adults have better cognitive function even with gentle exercise and that this helps to reduce stress, ease depression and anxiety, and enhance mental wellbeing.

When it comes to the benefits of physical activity in countryside environments, the evidence is mounting about the positive impacts on physical health, mental health and general wellbeing.

Getting started is the hardest part but there’s no need to rush in and overdo it. Start slowly and build up, always remembering that a healthy mind and body needs regular physical and mental stimulation and activity. By remaining active for just a couple of days each week, Countrymen UK members can reap the benefits of:

  • keeping muscles, bones, and joints strong
  • alert and active minds
  • improved balance and reduced risk of falls
  • an overall sense of wellbeing and contentment

Just what the doctor ordered

Countrymen UK should be exactly what the doctor orders.

So, don’t just sit there, make a difference and have fun!

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