Dorset Countrymen’s blog February 2023

meet the pony

The Dorset group have been keeping warm by digging over the compost in the polytunnels. We have had donations of seeds from the local community, so we will soon be able to get planting!

The cattle and ponies all have full winter coats on and the Shetlands resemble hairy barrels at the moment. I am sure once the weather starts warming up, there will be plenty of hair to line local birds nests!

The group have been making trugs for sale as well as hedgehog houses, which make lovely gifts. Hopefully we will soon have flowers to fill the trugs as well.

We are planning a special afternoon party on Tuesday May 9th to celebrate the coronation. We hope to have a selection of vintage tractors on display as well as games and refreshments.

If you are interested in joining us, do ring the office on 01963 210 789 or email [email protected]

play area

We are very grateful to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation for recently supporting our group with a grant.

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Hampshire & Isle of White Community Foundation

It is vital that we continue to receive help and support from local community groups and businesses such as this to ensure that our countrymen can continue to benefit and thrive in their sessions on the farm.

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