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Meet the Countrymen UK Team

Julie Plumley

Julie Plumley - CEO

Julie was born and raised on a farm and is still heavily involved in the industry. She also had over thirty years of experience as a social worker before setting up Future Roots, her Care Farm in Dorset.

This was initially aimed at providing services to children and young adults but when Julie’s dad, a lifelong farmer, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, it was decided to start the first Countrymen’s Club.

This has now been used as the model for all the farms and gardens in the Countrymen UK Network

countrymen david drysdale photo

David Drysdale - Project Manager

David spent over thirty years in marketing and communications and another twenty in community development and outdoor pursuits.

He was born in Scotland, the seventh child of a seventh child, on the same day as Dennis the Menace (Dennis got all the publicity.)

David thought he had retired and planned to spend his time riding around on his motorcycle… until the Countrymen UK project launched him on another adventure.

Countrymen UK - a Registered Charity

Countrymen UK became a Registered Charity in 2019

Charity registration No. 1184921

Our Trustees

Liz Rose – Chair
Julie Plumley – CEO
Rose Lockyear
Geoff Lockyear
Jonathan Herburt
Tobin Sykes
Tina Barton
Rebecca Elford

Wanted – Volunteers

All the farms and gardens in the Countrymen UK Network are keen to welcome volunteers who would like to help out or to be involved in our range of Countrymen Activities.

If you have some time to help out at any Countrymen UK Group, you can contact us centrally at admin@countrymenuk.org or contact the farm of your choice – their contact details are listed in The CUK Network section of this site.

Write for us

Join the Countrymen Conversation by writing for our website? Just follow our guidelines below.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for informative, engaging and highly relevant articles and blog posts that will be of interest to Countrymen, their Carers and anyone else who shares an interest in the topics surrounding Countrymen UK, whether it’s about ageing, health, activities, fundraising, social services, welfare rights, farm and countryside experiences or a host of other relevant topics.

Content Guidelines

We prefer to receive content that’s original and unpublished. It could be text, photos, images or a combination of these.​ The length of articles or blog posts doesn’t really matter but it could be anything from 50 to 500 words.

You may link to external sources but only if they help readers to gain additional knowledge and insights. We won’t publish links that are self-promoting or could be seen as advertising or sales pages.

We encourage you to submit supporting images (photographs, graphics, etc) along with your text. These should be submitted as images of at least 1024 x 575 pixels and up to 4200 x 4200 pixels. Please submit as JPG or PNG formats with a maximum file size of 8MB.

Payments Vs Author Promotion

We neither pay for nor charge for guest content but we do promote our contributors and their work.
In addition to your main content, you should provide us with:

  • Your name as the author
  • A headshot image of yourself (this is optional but should be at least 1024 x
    1024 pixels and be submitted in a JPG or PNG format)
  • One link that takes readers to your website or blog.

Submitting your content to us

Please note that we delete all submissions if we suspect that the email is spam or if they look like something from a ‘content factory’.

You can submit content that is ready for publication or you can submit a proposal to us. If you submit a proposal, it should have a strong working title or suggested headline and should provide us with a clear insight into your central theme and how it will resonate with readers.


We retain the right to make any necessary edits after proofreading or to edit any content for reasons of space, clarity or impact. If we feel that any major editing is required, we will contact you and suggest that you undertake the edit. Alternatively, we may do the editing and send you a copy for your approval.

We may also provide a short introduction to your content if we feel that this will assist with the context or in scene-setting.

Intellectual Property Rights

As the creator of any content submissions to CUK, you retain all your rights to that content.

However, by making a submission, you are giving us a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to publish that work and to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display the work. This license will be valid in perpetuity.

Also, in making your content submission, you are warranting that your content is original and that you own all rights to that content or have written permission to use it, whether it is in the form of text, photographs, video, audio, graphics or any other format and you fully indemnify Countrymen UK against any action from any party that may arise from your infringement of any other party’s rights.

Typical Countrymen Activities

The farms and gardens in the Countrymen UK Network all offer a range of tried and tested activities. Therefore, the following lists are only given as a guide to what may be available.

Active activities

Small building projects such as mending fences or animal enclosures and shelters.
Significant days on the calendar (cultural and religious dates such as a harvest festival, or it may be a Birthday or Christmas party.
Planting flowers and shrubs
Preparing food for animals
Feeding the animals
Helping with chores around the farm
Treasure hunts
Metal detecting
Days out
A garden party, bar-b-q or picnic
Creating seating areas
Creating gardens
Making walking sticks
Make a scarecrow
Painting and renovating trailers, fences, sheds etc
Planning, planting and picking vegetables
Using an apple press to make juice
Prep food for bird feeders
Making firelighters out of old newspapers
Chopping starter wood
Sorting nuts, bolts, nails etc
Making halters out of baler twine
Football/cricket/ badminton etc
Stock judging

Passive activities

Reminiscing about their past; where they’ve been, what jobs they’ve done, etc.
Talking about their skills, aspirations, family, etc.
Name that tune
Conversations about what’s in the news or what the issues of the day might be
Reading aloud
Games, Puzzles, Jigsaws
Creating a personal diary and photo book
Bird watching
Photoshoots – getting involved in having their photos taken as they participate in activities or taking photos themselves to show what they’ve achieved or what they’ve noticed during the session
Telling stories


In addition to what appears on the above list, you may also find that an outside individual, organisation or company is invited to give a demonstration of a specific activity, which the Countrymen can get involved in. These may include:

  • A blacksmith – to demonstrate what they do and to involve the Countrymen in making a small item
  • A beekeeper – to speak about their work and to give out samples of honey that have been recently harvested
  • A cartoonist – to involve the men in creating some simple cartoon characters and possibly creating a caricature of the Countrymen themselves
  • A signer – to demonstrate and teach a few simple sign language words
  • A candle-maker – can demonstrate and allow the Countrymen to have a go
  • Pyrography – see how to burn words and images into wood then Countrymen have a go at creating something
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