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If you are a Care Farm or similar organisation, you could be part of the Countrymen UK Network. With the right help, you could benefit your community by providing this effective and much needed service.

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If you are interested in becoming a member of a Countrymen UK Group, or if you are caring for someone who would benefit from being a member, just contact us for updates on Countrymen UK Groups near you.

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We’d love to speak with you and arrange for our Countrymen UK team to answer any questions and to send you some additional information.

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What People Say

"Standing at a gate with a mug of hot tea, with another ex-farmer, discussing the cattle that are no more than a few feet away from us… it’s something I thought would never happen again. The weather doesn’t matter."
Adam R
Countrymen UK Member, Countrymen UK
“There is now compelling evidence to show that contact with nature and the outdoors improves physical health and mental wellbeing.”
Alan law
Chief Strategy and Reform Officer, Natural England
“This project has shown significant improvements for men in their mental health, physical wellbeing and cognition. All too often, older men in rural communities, especially those who have retired from agricultural occupations, face loneliness and isolation.

Not only does Countrymen UK provide these men with new opportunities to socialise, it enables them to use the skills they have learned throughout their lives, contribute to the farm, and help teach others.”
Dr Andrew Mayers
Principle Academic, Specialising in Mental Health, Bournemouth University
"I was depressed and isolated. I missed the life I once had in the countryside and had little contact with people outside my family. That’s all changed now. I love being outside on the farm. It brings back memories. It’s become a new adventure for me – a healthy adventure, and I’m surrounded by people who share my interests."
Bob J
Countrymen UK Member, Countrymen UK
“Our aim is to offer person-centred opportunities that enable people to engage in activities and enhance their wellbeing by stimulating both mind and body. The support of the BIG Lottery Fund and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation will help us to expand the network of Countrymen UK Groups to other areas.

We would like to hear from farms who want to set up a Countrymen UK Social Franchise, especially those who already have experience of delivering services to the community”
Julie Plumley
Founder of Future Roots and Countrymen UK
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